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New York, New York


About Me

I am a Director/DP/Photographer based in New York City, specializing in capturing the human condition through documentary and commercial projects.

I’ve had the pleasure of growing up and living around the United States including Upstate New York, The San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Dallas, and now New York City. This has sparked my curiosity about the variety of life experiences around the world, and how important it is to share those stories that aren’t easily accessed.

I'm passionate about elevating stories visually. Whether it is an individual's life experience, a brand's mission, or simply a group's purpose, my favorite challenge is transforming these expressions into visuals. Cinematically representing an individual's emotional experience is my favorite challenge as a director and cinematographer.

Through a culmination of directing two feature documentaries, multiple award-winning short films, music videos, and commercials Cullen has started his own boutique production company, “Essence Picture Company”.

About Essence Picture Company

Founded and directed by award-winning cinematographer and photographer, Cullen Blanchfield, our boutique production company specializes in seamlessly blending stills and motion to bring human-based projects to life. Essence Productions is the culmination of over 7 years of industry experience, including 3 years working at Stewart Cohen Pictures, a production company in Dallas, Texas.

While Essence's roots are firmly planted in NYC, our lens has traversed the globe, capturing the essence of diverse narratives in places like Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Ireland, Mexico, Dallas, San Francisco, and beyond.

"Essence" refers to the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, often considered as the most important or defining characteristic that captures the core or fundamental aspect of that thing. It is the inherent, unchanging nature or identity that gives something its distinctiveness. In a broader sense, "essence" can also refer to the characteristic features or qualities that define a person, object, concept, or phenomenon, capturing its unique and essential qualities. This is what we set out to capture every time we pick up a camera. Let’s create something to inspire.

I have been in the industry since 2017.

Photo Galleries


Director, DP – Dance With Me Sophie
January, 2024 — January, 2024
Music Video – Samibelle Music
Director of Photography – Valentine's Day
December, 2023 — January, 2024
Commercial – MERC
Director of Photography – Founders Shoot
December, 2023 — December, 2023
Commercial – Take Thesis
Director, DP – It's Just Us
November, 2023 — December, 2023
Short Film – We Are All Homeless
Director, DP – ExpoMetro: Times Square
October, 2023 — October, 2023
Commercial – ExpoMetro
Director, DP – Along the Flaggy Shore
September, 2023 — September, 2023
Short Film – Essence Picture Company
Director, DP – A Million Smiles
June, 2023 — March, 2024
Feature – Baseball Without Borders
Director, DP – Sharing Breath Has No Label
June, 2023 — February, 2024
Feature – Credo Community Choir of Dallas
Director, DP – Grow a Better Dallas
May, 2023 — February, 2024
Short Film – Restorative Farms
Director, DP – Asphalt and Steel
May, 2023 — November, 2023
Commercial – McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
Director of Photography – The Story of David Clyde
May, 2023 — May, 2023
Other – DoubleLife Films
Director of Photography – SMU Women's Rowing: UT vs SMU
March, 2023 — March, 2023
Commercial – Southern Methodist University
Cinematographer – KFB: Hats
February, 2023 — February, 2023
Commercial – Kentucky Farm Bureau
Camera Operator – Tapestry Wine
December, 2022 — January, 2023
Commercial – Tapestry
Camera Operator – Never Done with Grant McCartney, Ep. 1: The Broken Wrist Strategy
November, 2022 — November, 2022
Television – Never Done with Grant McCartney
Director, DP – The Hunt Institute Social Entrepreneurs Campaign
October, 2022 — July, 2022
Commercial – The Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity
Director, DP – London
June, 2022 — June, 2022
Short Film – The Dallas Street Choir
Halff Anthem – Camera Operator
May, 2022 — May, 2022
Commercial – Halff
Camera Operator – Never Seen Again, The Story of Caleb Diehl
February, 2022 — February, 2022
Television – Never Seen Again
Camera Operator – Into the Spotlight
January, 2022 — January, 2023
Feature – DoubleLife Films
Camera Operator – Still A Mystery
December, 2021 — March, 2022
Television – Paramount+
Director, DP – The Heart of Texas
December, 2021 — February, 2022
Short Film – Heart House
Director of Photography – Love in the Evening/Morning
Short Film – Essence Picture Company
Cinematographer – Early Learning: Pre-K PSA
Commercial – Kentucky Department of Education

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