Stanley Robinson

Phoenix, Arizona


About Me

Professional Profile: Eighteen years- media & production experience:
Radio, Television, Film, Videotape, and Live Productions.

Excellent use of Movie Magic’s Scheduling, Budgeting, Screenwriter programs.
Excellent use of the Macintosh computer system & related software.

Currently: Assistant Director in Film Production.
Floor Manager/Stage Director in Videotape/Live Production.
Credits include: "Terminal" TV movie; "WMAC Masters" TV seriies; "Dead Presidents" movie; "To Die For" movie; "Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare" TV movie; "Passenger 57" movie; "My Girl" movie; "Adventures of Huck Finn" movie; "Superboy" TV series; "Psycho IV: The Begining" Cable movie; "Super Force" TV series; "After School" movie; "Dream Trap" movie; "The Spring" movie; Commercials, music videos, Live Shows & concerts, live-on-tape shows

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