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Full AV and Lighting rentals and support. Meyer, Yamaha, Dante, Helixnet, Freespeak. GrandMa, Vipers, Altman LED lekos, Led strip lights and singles, Barco E2, Panny 410's, 3800 cameras and long glass. Absen LED wall, Projectors up to 20K, screens up to 45' wide. Power distro, truss, motors. 40,000 sq ft. warehouse full of audio/video/lighting gear, full time staff of professional's. McCune blossomed in the 2000's, sales staff taking on more complex projects with the technical support of our growing staff and talented local labor. In 2017 McCune was sold to Shepard AV, allowing more national opportunities while at same time retaining our key personnel giving the same level of service.

Covid Update: Following initial lockdowns and shortage of McCune has reduced it staff but is bringing employees back for jobs, both virtual webcasts and in studio shoots in front of our LED wall. We await the return to normal when trucks roll thru the docks at any hour of the day or night.

We have been in the industry since 1932.

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