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SERVE Musson Theatrical strives to serve the entertainment community by providing the highest quality products and services at nationally competitive prices. We know that you can just buy product anywhere. Customer service is our top priority. We believe that by being sensitive to our customers needs, and standing by our word, we can rise above the competition as your #1 theatrical dealer.
RESPOND Time is of the essence to our clients. When you call during business hours, you will speak to a real live person who knows the importance of getting you connected quickly and efficiently. After hours, you can count on our 24 hour technical assistance hotline to assist you with your emergency needs 365 days a year.
CREATE Musson Theatrical is part of the artistic community. We pride ourselves on being a part of what makes your jobs as artists, teachers, designers, and technicians easier. Our staff is here to help you meet your creative challenges and make them our own.
EDUCATE At Musson, we believe that an educated client is a happy client. We are dedicated to keeping our community educated about new technologies and advancements in the entertainment technology industry.
PARTICIPATE Musson Theatrical is an active member of the national entertainment technology community. Our staff works closely with the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA), and we are a contributing member of The United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT) and an active member of Theatre Bay Area.

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