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The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) is a national labor union representing nearly 80,000 performers, journalists and other artists working in the entertainment and news media.

AFTRA''s scope of representation covers broadcast, public and cable television (news, sports and weather; drama and comedy, soaps, talk and variety shows, documentaries, children’s programming, reality and game shows); radio (news, commercials, hosted programs); sound recordings (CDs, singles, Broadway cast albums, audio books); "non-broadcast" and industrial material as well as Internet and digital programming.

AFTRA''s membership includes an array of talent currently working in AFTRA-covered programming, ranging from Walter Cronkite to Big Bird, Jay Leno to Susan Lucci, Larry David to Howard Stern, Dan Rather to Cedric the Entertainer, Bill Cosby to Ryan Seacrest.

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