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We’ve put together a system that allows us to offer Remote Control Camera Crew Services. Perfect for Safe, Social Distancing.
Safety and Quality are our top priorities!
In addition to following the recommended safety protocol from the CDC,
we’re offering a remote camera system to allow more distance
between your clients and our crew. Camera and lighting can now be operated remotely.
An ideal set up for sit down interviews and meetings. Here’s the kit...

Remote Controlled, Pan-Tilt Camera-Gimbal System:
• Tripod mounted, remote-pan tilt head for reframing
supports the Sony FS7m2 4k camera with remote controllable focus /zoom lens
• Hardwired remote controller for Fs7m2 4k camera.
Controls various functions of camera remotely-including full menu access,
white balance, ND, ISO, Iris, shutter, zoom, focusing and playback.
• Audio-Dual hardwired shotgun boom microphones-for redundancy.
• Wireless remote for Astra 6x light control. The ability to make last-minute adjustments before interviews.
Control light level and color balance remotely without crew entering interview room.
• Two-way intercom for room to room communications.

For over 30 years in the South Florida market, Paradise has specialized in providing a core group of highly experienced camera crews led by DP's who excel in lighting, composition and hand held work. From corporate web content to national programming - we offer a variety of HD & 4K cameras, sound and lighting packages with crews who are insured. Need production support or specialty equipment? Lighting & Grip, Backdrops, Green Screen, Teleprompters, Jibs, Dana Dollies, Sliders, Redrock One Man Crew, Lenses, GoPros with Mounts & Rigging. We take pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We have been in the industry since 1982.

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