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Creative Team @ BONGO POST & MUSIC Creates Original Music & Sound Design for Compelling NFL Spot for Super Bowl XLIII

Sacramento, CA -- (February 2, 2009) – The ad agency creatives at MeringCarson turned to long-time collaborators Bongo Post & Music [www.bongopost.com](also based in Northern California) for a compelling, new NFL spot for Super Bowl XLIII. The 30-second commercial, which follows a year in the life of an NFL player, includes original music and sound design by Bongo. The spot was showcased at the stadium during the game; and broadcast on NFL.com, NFLMobile, NFL Network; and is slated to air nationally during the Pro Bowl game in Hawaii, a week following Super Bowl XLIII.

Bongo also edited a U2 track for a second version of the same spot, which aired during the NBC broadcast of the Super Bowl. The track was edited by the team at Bongo for the agency and NFL client (although the band had all final editorial decisions).

According to Bongo Creative Director/CEO Bob L. Smith, the necessity for two versions of the spot came from the fact that U2 put certain parameters on the agency for the use of their track. "They only wanted the track to be used during the NBC broadcast of the game," explains Smith. "So this opened up an exciting opportunity for Bongo, since the commercial was slated to be seen via these other distribution channels, as well as at the stadium."

For Smith, this project and collaboration was inspiring from start to finish. "Because of our long-term relationship with the agency, we were able to show them a series of options which helped them arrive at their final choices," he notes. "It was an extremely collaborative process with each team member involved. No one was categorized to only their area of expertise. If we saw something visually and made note of it, that was taken into consideration. The same held true for the music and sound design. It was a very open, collaborative process, and will be a truly memorable project for all of us here at Bongo."

The :30 spot was created by the team at Motion Theory, in Venice, CA, with music and sound design by Bongo, and a final mix taking place at Lime in Santa Monica.

For this high-profile Super Bowl project, Bongo was up against the top music houses in LA -- a testament to the studio's talent, and Smith's relationships with musicians and composers across the country, he says. "This was very rewarding for us," Smith concludes. "We didn't know until the last minute whether our track of music would be selected to accompany our sound design.
So when we got word, that made us feel incredibly proud."


Director: Mathew Cullen
Spot Prod Company: Motion Theory

Bob Smith Bongo Post & Music

Sound Design: Bob Smith @ Bongo Post & Music
Sound Design: Ryan Sibitz @ Bongo Post & Music

AD AGENCY : Mering Carson
Art Director: Dennis Millette
Producer: Liz Ross
Art Director: Lucho Ortega
CD: Greg Carson
CD: David Mering
Copywriter: Jeffery Butterworth
Copywriter: Scott Conway

DP: Claudio Miranda @ Dattner Dispoto & Assoc

Line Producer: Bernard Rahill
Exec Producer: Javier Jimenez @ Motion Theory

Talent: Darren McFadden

VFX: Motion Theory @ Motion Theory

Year: 2009
Tagline: When All You Want Is Football

Technical Info

Film Stock: Sony F35 Digital Camera
Pro Tools HD3
Mercury Plugins
Music Edits