The trailer for our short film, "Memento Mori". The tale of how one person's actions can lead them onto a road less traveled! Submitted to the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.


Vivian Orozco
Alexa Baray
Vladimir Vazquez
Debra Hurd
Chesnaye Long
Alexa Baray
Christopher Montagne Waggoner
Frances Thomas
Vivian Orozco
Director of Photography:
Vladimir Vazquez
Editing: Vladimir Vazquez
Make Up Supervisor: Debra Hurd
Chief Makeup Artist: Ness Gomez-Bloise
Script: Chesnaye Long & Alexa Baray
Story Concept: Alexa Baray, Vivian Orozco, Chesnaye Long
Storyboards: Vivian Orozco & Vladimir Vazquez
Locations: Plantation Heritage Park, The Classic Gateway Theater, Chill Wine Lounge, and home of Richard & Monika Baray

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