ADR, Audio Mixing, Sound Design, On-location Mixing
Stream Demo Reel: dl.dropboxusercontent.com

“The Bedroom: Directed by Sonya Dunn” (Spring 2012) Thesis Short Film; Re-recorded every line in the 11 page script. Complete reconstruction of audio palette. Credited as Sound Designer.
Film Site: www.thebedroom-movie.com
Full Video Link: www.youtube.com

“Chalk Talk Webseries: Binary” (July 2011) Produced by the National Science Foundation. As an intern, I served as the re-recording mixer for three of the "Chalk Talk" shorts. Performance on films gained me Uncredited.

“CARVE” Directed by Jonathan Jarrett (Spring 2013) Short Film; I recorded the VO, and Foley, and designed all Sound Effects. Credited as Sound Designer.


Sound Designer

Technical Info

Protools HD, Control 24, Soundtrack Pro, Logic Pro