When you're a teenage girl, it's all about fitting in and having fun. Some girls can't afford a dress and miss out on going to the prom. Fairy Goodmothers gives girls prom dresses so that they can go to the prom in style and fave fun.

We were originally asked to simply shoot this event but when we realized how important this organization was to a young girl's confidence and self-esteem we had to do more. That's when we suggested interviewing specific people that would convey the real benefits this group brings to these girls. As expected, everyone from Fairy Goodmothers was extremely generous with their time, interest and providing visual assets. The result was a piece that sincerely captures the kindeness and generousity of the Fairy Goodmothers.

Technical Info

Sony, FS-100, LED Light panel. Senheisser lavalier microphone.