An interview from the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Steve Turner of OConnor. OConnor’s award-winning fluid heads are renowned and for their smooth feel, fluid movement and intuitive control. Tailor designed for film-style shooting, each facilitates seamless transition when changing payloads and offers stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag for maximum control. In addition to the fluid heads and robust tripods, OConnor offer a growing range of camera and lens accessories engineered to support the demands of today’s challenging and precision focused camera work. The range includes follow focus systems for cine and still photo lenses, the award-winning O-Box WM mattebox, innovative O-Grip handgrip system and the Universal Baseplate.

In this interview Steve talks with us about the newest 60L Carbon Fiber Tripod, the CFF-1 and O-Focus Dual Mini follow focus systems relaunched in Photo and Cine Kits, the award-winning O-Box WM mattebox, innovative O-Grip Handgrip System and the Universal Baseplate.

The new OConnor 60L carbon fiber tripod and floor spreader offers superior, lightweight support for the OConnor Ultimate 2065 and 2575D fluid heads. The tripod is designed with precision engineering, built with high tensile strength and lightweight material to serve a variety of production environments. The 60L weighs just 9 lbs and has a double extension design that can safely and stably carry payloads of up to 209 lbs even at its maximum height of 60.6”. Despite its generous height range it folds down to a mere 29.9”.

The Cine Follow Focus One (CFF-1) features the highest degree of follow focus design and technology, with unparalleled performance. The CFF-1 is a lightweight 1.83 pounds including bridges and handwheel. Its multifunctional design has a single bridge that clamps easily onto either 15mm or 19mm rod systems and a swing arm that can be mounted on either side of the bridge for maximum versatility. This eliminates the need for separate bridge plates. An optional 15mm LWS bridge is also available. This unique main follow focus bridge slides independently of the support bridge dovetail, increasing mounting options for specialty setups.

All follow focus units are double-sided and are made of 7075 Aluminum. Kits include all lens gears and friction drivers, have standard serrated star driver gear coupling, backlash free module coupling system and are versatile to work with any lens. All kits are shipped in a robust Pelican Storm carrying case with custom foam and all appropriate accessories (including new crank and flexible shaft).

To learn more please visit: www.ocon.com