An interview from the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Randy Wedick of Band Pro Film & Digital Inc. , a company which specializes in products and solutions for professional filmmakers and videographers. Band Pro offers the highest level of knowledge and expertise along with the finest equipment and accessories available. The company’s research and development protocol allows product lines to expand toward the newest technologies so clients can focus on the art and craft of cinematography. With close relationships in Hollywood and worldwide, and long-standing partnerships with camera and lens makers, Band Pro has remained at the forefront of the newest developments in digital cinema.

In this interview Randy talks with us about their booth and how they are showcasing 4K workflow, from acquisition to presentation. Randy talks about a bunch of products that he frequently uses while on shoots, including the Ovide SmartAssist, Technicolor DP Lights 2, Codex Vault, and CinePost Copra.

The Smart Assist, is a system developed by Ovide based on QTAKE HD software. Ovide is the exclusive dealer in Spain for QTAKE HD and has developed a compact self-contained system in a 22" touch screeen. Before this, QTAKE HD needed bulky computers, capture cards, monitors, and was AC powered. Ovide has further developed Smart Assist hardware that reduces the size to a 22" monitor.

Technicolor’s DP Lights is a high quality on-set color primary grading toolset, that creates looks in real time during production, and allows the DP to adjust for lighting and story subtleties while experiencing film print viewing.

Codex Vault is a powerful end-to-end dailies and archiving solution. Fast transfers, automated production management, full reporting, rugged design and a compact size make Codex Vault the hub of any on-set or near-set file-based workflow and the bridge between production and post production. Vault supports industry-leading cameras made by ARRI, Sony, Canon, RED and others.

Copra makes it possible to work with your dailies beyond simply just watching your shot material. You can provide graphical annotations, manage all your metadata, color correct, comment and share via iPad and even export LUT files back into your camera.

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