Art of the Cell is led by award-winning 3D artist and illustrator, John Liebler, best known for working with Harvard to create “The Inner Life of the Cell”.

Building on his 20+ years of experience creating art for education, John works with his team using the latest 3D animation applications to explain complex biological processes for a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotech, and educational organizations. His work has been used to educate and inform audiences of all levels from grade-school students to pioneers on the cutting edge of the bio-sciences.

The Art of the Cell team is able to present complex medical and scientific information in moving images that balance scientific accuracy with accessible storytelling and a strong focus on visual beauty and appeal.

“We are storytellers, specializing in the beauty of life sciences. Using the visual language of 3D animation, we work closely with you to perfect the storyboard, the animated structures, and narrative to make your product and story both accurate and elegant.”


Lead Animation and Creative Direction - John Liebler

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3D Medical Animation Demo: Art of the Cell
3D Medical Animation Demo: Art of the Cell
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