An interview from the 2014 Cine Gear LA Expo at Paramount Studios with Tom Howie of Glidecam Industries. Glidecam Industries offers a wide variety of camera stabilizers (camera stabilization systems) for use with motion picture cameras, video cameras, action cameras and cellphones. These hand-held and body-mounted camera stabilizers create super smooth shots, and allow the operator to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles, and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. In this interview Tom talks with us about a few Glidecam products including the HD 2000, the X-20 & X-30 Full Body Stabilization Unit, and the VistaTrack 10-48 Slider.

The Glidecam X System works by isolating your body's motion from your camera, while your camera is balanced in a relatively motionless and isolated state. The Support Arm can be boomed up and down, as well as pivoted in and out, and side-to-side. By combining low friction booming and the pivoting action of the Support Arm, which isolates your body’s motions from the camera, you are immediately enabled to create super smooth moving camera footage. These full body mounted units are offered in multiple varieties to support a wide range of camera weight classes.

The Glidecam X-20 is a professional body-mounted camera stabilization system designed for cameras weighing from 10 to 20 pounds. The Glidecam X-20 system incorporates advanced engineering and precision machining, making it the most sophisticated system in it's price range.

The Glidecam X-30 is a highly advanced, professional camera stabilization system designed for film and video cameras weighing from 15 to 30 pounds. The X-30 System incorporates advanced engineering and precision machining, making it the most sophisticated and versatile system in its price range.

The Glidecam HD-2000 features an offset, foam cushioned, Handle Grip which is attached to a free floating, three axis Gimbal. This allows your hand to move up and down, and side-to-side, thereby isolating your hand’s unwanted motions from the camera. This up and down movement alleviates the bouncing, pogo type action often associated with competitor systems because their handle cannot move up and down. This design feature, coupled with the overall higher inertia of the HD-Series systems, produces superior stabilization performance.

The Glidecam VistaTrack 10-48 is a combined, miniature Linear Track and Dolly System. The 10-48 slider can be used with cameras weighing up to 10 pounds when attached to a single tripod or when using it's integrated adjustable legs. Additionally, for added stability it can be configured for use with cameras weighing up to 30 pounds when attached to two tripods. The VistaTrack 10-48 has a 48" long track, and is also available in 24" and 36" lengths. The VistaTrack 10-36 has a 36" long track, and the VistaTrack 10-24 has a 24" long track

For more information about Glidecam and all of its products please visit: www.glidecam.com

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