An interview from the 2014 Cine Gear LA Expo at Paramount Studios with Steve Manios of Manios Digital & Film, a company that has been supplying the highest quality products manufactured worldwide to professional filmmakers, videographers and ENG crews here in the United States. In this interview Steve talks with us about the PAG Battery Systems and the Cartoni JIBO Compact Jib.

PAGlink is a new system of high-power, intelligent linking batteries designed to power the wide variety of professional cameras used today. The complete, intelligent battery system can be linked in greater numbers (up to 8) to combine capacities for extended run-times. The most interesting part about this system is the ability to constantly power the camera by hot-swapping the rear battery and charge up to 16 batteries from any state of charge, on only one charger.

The Cartoni JIBO is a lightweight, telescoping, three-section compact jib arm for motion-picture and video cameras weighing up to 44 lb. The JIBO mounts on any 100mm heavy-duty tripod capable of bearing the combined weight of the payload and jib. The JIBO 100mm leveling bowl can be easily configured for over- or under-slung configurations, while maintaining the angle with a parallel adjustable leveling arm throughout the 78" (2m) range of travel.

For more information about Manios Digital & Film and all of their products please visit: www.ManiosDigital.com

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