An interview from the 2014 Cine Gear LA Expo at Paramount Studios with Tom Hallman of Pictorvision, a world leading supplier of stabilized camera systems to the broadcast, entertainment and commercial sectors. Pictorvision is the first and only company to offer an entire line of Pictorvision, Wescam, and Cineflex gyro-stabilized aerial camera systems for capturing stunning images from above and beyond. No other company has the combined experience, professionalism, dedication and product choices that they provide.

In this interview Tom talks with us about the mini-Eclipse, Trusscam, and the Multicam Array.

The mini-Eclipse is the first compact head designed specifically for both the air and ground. This breakthrough is made possible by the next generation of stabilization technology: Gen-V.

The Eclipse’s open-architecture design offers great latitude in camera and lens combinations so when clients made the request it was only natural for the Pictorvision engineering team to develop a version for high-resolution plate shots. The Multicam Array utilizes six off-the-shelf 5K Red Epics (recording to RedMags) in an array 3 across by 2 rows high. A 7th Epic is used in the cockpit as Master Controller. All 6 shooting cameras can be monitored live on one screen or isolated individually. When all six images are stitched together, the result is a seamless 12K (46 Megapixel) image with a 140 degrees horizontal, 60 degrees vertical view.

The TrussCam by Camera Special Systems, is the latest innovation to enable creative and dynamic coverage for stadium, arena, courts, theatres and other events. This one-of-a-kind trolley mounted, gyro-stabilized camera system provides previously impossible shots in large venues. The versatile system features a camera mounted on a completely wireless trolley, which runs on standard 290mm truss. A major advantage of TrussCam is the use of standard truss, available from local staging companies worldwide, so there is no need for expensive or custom tracks or rails. Custom curves or straight lines are no problem to install, and because it is fully wireless, lengths as long as a mile or more are possible. In addition, the stabilized camera head compensates for any imperfections where truss sections are joined, so set up of the track is fast and easy and shots are jiggle free.

For more information about Pictorvision and all of its products please visit: www.pictorvision.com

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