As a supply chain specialist for Tesla Motors, Shaun knows the ins and outs of bringing an idea from prototype to production and beyond. After the Model S Sedan launched and was awarded car of the year, Shaun saw that as the “peak” of his auto industry career and decided to move back to Detroit from San Francisco to replicate that process again, this time for his own company.

His pitch? Canvas Watch Company: Community Driven Watch Design

Because of his background in supply chain management, Shaun has taken the process of high quality watch design, production, and distribution down from months to weeks. And on top of that, Canvas watches aren’t designed by him, they’re designed by you! Each watch face is designed by a different artist, and the designs that go into production are chosen by customers.

Needless to say, we were eager to begin producing this one! We began scripting and storyboarding the perfect copy to pitch these watches to the Kickstarter community. Upon reconvening with Shaun, however, we came to the realization that it wasn’t a well-crafted sales pitch that was going to get this idea to take off. It was passion.

We threw the script out the window and decided that what this film needed was one thing; authenticity. Shaun telling us in his own words what his story, his company, and his passion are all about. In many of our film endeavors, we have found that connecting a viewer to an emotion instead of just information is what makes a lasting impression.

We started out by filming our supporting footage. Techshop in Allen Park was where Shaun first started to learn the craft of watchmaking, so we knew we wanted to film there to show the preciseness and care that goes into the creation of a watch. We also met up with one of the designers of Canvas’s first watches, Sean Franks, at dc3 in Detroit. We used the unique creative workspace as a backdrop to capture Shaun and Sean collaborating on designs, as well as some shots of Sean sketching his own design. Next came the quest for the perfect location for Shaun’s interview section. We knew this had to capture the style of the Canvas brand perfectly, and we scouted several not-quite-right locations before we settled on the casual and industrial vibe of the Rochester Mills in downtown Rochester.

Although we ended up going with a “less-produced” feel to this piece, there was a lot more pre-production involved than meets the eye. The time we spent developing outlines, scripts, storyboards, scouting locations, scrapping locations, and countless other tasks, was invaluable. The things we ultimately ended up nixing gave us a clearer idea of what was essential to creating a film that represented Shaun and Canvas Watch Co.

Technical Info

Filmed on Canon 5D MarkIII. Edited on Premiere Pro