An interview from the 2014 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Dale Backus of SmallHD. SmallHD designs and manufacturers rugged, High Definition, “Future Proofed”, professional on-camera field monitors. In this interview Dale showcases the the DP7-PRO Wireless Director's Kit and talks with us about the much anticipated 3.0 firmware update for the DP7-PRO line.

Their are three versions that make up the line, the DP7-PRO LCD, DP7-PRO OLED and the DP7-PRO High Bright monitor. The LCD version features a 7" 1280x800 HD display with 400nit adjustable backlight. The OLED version features a 7.7” 1280x800 OLED Display with High Color Gamut for Rich Color Reproduction, making it the most color accurate HD field monitor. The High Bright version features a 7” 1280x800 8-bit IPS LCD with an impressive Daylight Viewable (1500 nits) display.

Nearly every feature on the DP7-Pro is assignable to a Smart Key. Whether you require fast input switching, different levels of Zebra that you can quickly switch between or the ability to effortlessly toggle different 3D LUTs, tailoring to the way you work is what the DP7-Pro is all about. In addition to many preset LUTs, the DP7-Pro is able to detect and display nearly every type of LUT you throw at it, allowing you to view a graded image even as it’s being captured.

The DP7-PRO High Bright and OLED Field Monitors have a discreet expansion port ( X-Port Wireless Dock) on the back that allows for clean, bulk-free integration with accessories such as the Paralinx Wireless Dock.

All of the in-monitor Color Correction and 3D LUT functionality that was illustrated at NAB 2014 is now available for DP7-PRO owners via Firmware 3.0 beta. This includes the following functionality:

- Apply built-in broadcast standard REC 709 3D LUTs
- Load any custom 3D LUTs to the DP7-PRO via SD card
- Live Color Grading—Edit 3D LUTs or Create a unique “look” in-monitor from scratch
- Send any “look” downstream to a client monitor
- Export a “look” as a 3D LUT to an SD card

To learn more about these products please visit: www.SmallHD.com

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