My Friend Noah Stellarious has been walking across the nation now for a month and ten days. He Started this Journey March 16th In Cape Henlopen Delaware and he plans to finish in San Francisco California. So far Noah has walked through Delaware, Maryland, parts of West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Noah has stayed at several peoples homes while having a great time learning their stories and making some stories of his own. Noah has told me about some moments that has been scary, thrilling, sad, adventurous while having good times and bad. Noah has pushed through some trying times. The reason I am telling you this is because Noah is writing a book of this adventure and he needs your support to complete this journey and his book.

Through these travels he has been able to work on an Organic Farm learning some skills planting crops, working at a saw mill, and meeting particular individuals he now considers friends. This adventure has taken him through small towns, big cities, our nations capital, a peaceful walk on the C and O canal Trail and up through Parts of the Great Allegheny Passage. He has stayed in haunted Hostels, outside in below freezing weather and through days and days of what seemed like never ending rain storms. It hasn't all been good. He has had some other unforeseen circumstances happen that just made his experience much more difficult. Noah has told me about meeting people from all walks of life. He has told me about some of the beautiful imagages he has captured. This story isn't over yet and I don't want it to be. I want Noah to share this epic story with everyone. That is why GoFundMe is perfect. Noah needs your support to continue this EPIC walk across the country. He wants to put this story into print. He would like to write a book that surrounds this journey, where he has been, the route he has taken, the good times and the bad while truly capturing the essence of the people he meets along the way.

Noah needs your support to get across the nation. Please donate to his cause. We all want to get out and do something like this, or something that is bigger than we imagine ourselves. However, most of us has obligations that do not allows us too complete such a task. Let's support Noah and live through his experiences as we watch him get further and further in his Journey Walking Across America and then one day read about it.

This is what Noah has to say: This experience has been more than I could imagine but there is still a long way to go. It has been nurturing to my soul, while making me appreciate the little things in life so much more. The reason why this means so much to me is I lost a lot of interest in todays monetary system. The system has failed so many, but that is not the fault of our nieghbors. I am out here trying to show everyone that there is still great people, great places, and hope for this nation in turmoil. It also has been a roller coaster of other good and bad experiences. I would like to share this adventure with everyone through one day turning my journal into a book of an American Adventure one step at a time. One of the most important things to me on this journey Across the nation is the people I have met and their stories . I'm not going for speed or miles on this adventure. I am going for adventure and to capture the essence of this nation, and the people in it. There are still good people in this nation and I hope to continue on meeting them. Good times or bad I want to continue this journey for myself, for the people of this nation, for the story, and for the adventure.Rain, sleet, snow, or, shine I will be there to capture the story but it would be nice not to worry about the funding needed to do so and thats why I am asking for your support.

Please help support me across the nation. With your help you will be helping me complete this journey, write an adventurous book, meet new people and share their stories with the world, and most importantly you will be the reason I was able to complete all of these things. You! You are the one who is making a difference in my life by helping me share these experiences with everyone else. With your support I can continue this adventure of a life time.



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Man walks across nation

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