An interview from the 2015 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Kingsley Cook of Ncam Technologies. Ncam develops innovative virtual production technology and products for the film, television and broadcast industries. In this interview Kingsley talks with us about Ncam Live 7D tracking solution as well as their new PTZ camera tracking solution.

Ncam is famous for its Live 7D tracking solution, which uses a lightweight sensor bar attached to a camera to track natural markers in the environment. This means the camera can move freely at all times, generating a continuous stream of extremely precise positional information which feeds a real-time graphics engine, or on movie sets a pre-visualisation system to match live and VFX elements.

The new PTZ product provides much the same functionality and renowned workflow and speed of set-up, but for fixed position cameras. It works on any camera head, tripod or pedestal, and with any camera. Encoded lenses can add focus and zoom to the Ncam data stream.

The new device is designed primarily for broadcasters wanting to use virtual graphics or augmented reality, but only need pan, tilt and zoom functionality rather than complete freedom of movement.

Conventional pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) heads provide a good degree of tracking for augmented reality, but are limited to tracking the movement of the head itself. The Ncam solution uses the company’s ground-breaking core tracking technology, so it detects subtle movements of the camera itself, not the camera head.

For more information please visit: www.Ncam-Tech.com

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