An interview from the 2015 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Ross Kanarek of Switronix. Switronix is a leader in the market of batteries and charging solutions for the Digital Cinema and Professional Video industry. Switronix continues to reinvent themselves with creative power solution like their new HyperCine and Hypercore Series to make your production easier and more power efficient as we ‘push the envelope’ with new LED lighting. In this interview Ross talks with us about their updated Hypercore Prime & Hypercore RED batteries.

The Hypercore Prime employs a 2-part system to provide a higher capacity, air travel friendly battery solution, which can be legally transported without restrictions under IATA, ICAO, and UN regulations. With a total redesign and rethinking of a greater then 98wh solution, the Hypercore Prime may be the most complete battery offering in the industry today. The battery pack can sustain larger power draws to easily handle digital cinema cameras, like the Arri Alex, Amira, Epic, Sony F65 and Phantom.

In addition to its 2-part design, the battery pack was scaled vertically, to better distribute weight across the battery mount, and reducing depth by one half inch versus the older Hypercore 190 design. The new design also features a large backlit runtime LCD on the front. An LED grid, which wraps around to the front of the battery complements the LCD, providing charge status when charging, and can be seen from afar. As with all Switronix brick battery offerings, the Prime is available in V-mount and 3-stud mounts; and have an integrated P-tap connection on the side of the battery allowing you to power any 12vdc device. An additional output of a USB allows accessible charging for your mobile device. The PRIME packs have multiple safety sensors to detect temperature, and protect against over/under charge and discharge, ensuring optimal battery performance.

An added addition of a "slimmy" adapter, allows the user to detach the back half of the battery pack and use it standalone. The slimmy adapter converts the battery pack into a useable power resource for gimbals, and other camera stabilization devices.

Another new Hypercore addition, Hypercore RED, is designed to power and communicate directly with RED cameras. It delivers the exact percentage of remaining capacity to the camera’s VF/LCD, and falls within the range of accepted capacity for air travel. The battery pack also comes with alternate Hypercore labeling, so you can change up the look, if you choose.

With the release of these new batteries, we also wanted to release a new charger to provide the fastest charge times in the industry. The Fleet charger is a four position, simultaneous charger that has four independent charge bays, allowing each bay to focus on the individual battery connected, completing a recharge on four 98wh battery packs in 2.5 hours. The charger is avaiable in 3-stud and v-mount.

For more information please visit: www.Switronix.com

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