An interview from the 2015 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Sebastian Merkel of Chrosziel. Chrosziel is a camera support company that develops and manufactures precision mechanical, optical and electronical products such as MatteBoxes, SunShades, Fluid-Zoom-Drives, follow-focus-controls like the Studio Rig and DV Studio Rig which meet the highest user expectations. In this interview Sebastian talks with us about their new CDM100 Digital Lens Controller, C300 MKii Lightweight Support & the 565 Cine 1 Mattebox.

With the new Digital Motor CDM-100, Chrosziel developed an extremely light weight, small and horizontally aligned lens motor. It perfectly suites Gimbal, Drone and SteadiCam applications. completely new compact Chrosziel CDM-100 engine for the remote control of objectives, which was now for the first time aligned horizontally and should be suitable by the size and weight especially for operation with drones, gimbal and Steadicam. Followed by the new CDM100 via Lemo 7-pin on both Magnum, Aladin MKII and on Funkschaerfesystemen third party. The CDM100 weighs only 97g without clamp and 110g with 40mm gear (60mm are also mountable).

The new MatteBox MB 565 has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of today's cinematic productions and unites virtually all conceivable applications in one product. It is designed both as clamp-on version and for use on 15mm or 19mm rods.

The MatteBox is freely expandable from one to three filter stages, each 360° rotatable. Using less filter stages is easily possible at any time. Durable yet lightweight and equipped with a vari- ety of essential features, the MatteBox MB 565 is designed for the latest fast and superwide lenses that feature an outside diameter of up to 150mm. Due to its modular design, this versatile new MatteBox may be quickly customized to the individual requirements of each user.

For more information please visit: www.Chrosziel.com

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