This is a short documentary about The Crossing Educational Center and it's journey as an organization as well as its impact on the communities in which it exists. This mini documentary is a compilation of interviews and stock news footage about the Crossing. The interviews span current and previous employees of the Crossing. The Crossing is a faith based alternative school that is now in its tenth year of service. The Crossing offers hope to the lost and discouraged. Students that have been kicked out, dropped out, or struggle with the traditional academic model find a second chance for success and acceptance at the Crossing. This video is a chronicle of the events the Crossing has endured, and continues to endure, in its pursuit of transforming the lives of our lost and troubled youth. For more information visit www.crossingeducation.com


Zach Ruble - Producer, Director, Cinematographer/DP, Audio Engineer, Editor

Technical Info

Filmed using Canon 60D's. Audio captured using an H4N and Olympus lavalier microphone. Custom built rig for steadying handheld shots.

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Zach Ruble Demo Reel
Zach Ruble Demo Reel
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