An interview from the 2015 Band Pro Open House with Cinematographer Phil Holland. Phil Holland is a Director, Director of Photography, and Photographer based out of Los Angeles, California and has shot exclusively in the 4K and 4K+ arena for several years. He primarily works in the world of Feature Films, Commercials, UHD Broadcast, and VFX heavy productions. Phil is focused on cutting edge cinema technology and creating compelling images. Prior to becoming a full time Cinematographer Phil worked at Rhythm and Hues Studios from 1999-2010 as their Digital Imaging Specialist; a job he created that focused on Photography, Cinematography, Digital Color, Film Scanning, Laser Recording, and other more creative aspects of production for various films and studios.

In this interview we catch up with Phil to talk about his latest work, the gear he's using and what's up next for 2016.

For more information please visit: www.PHFX.com

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