An interview from the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with James Lee of 16x9 inc. 16x9 Inc. is a distributor and producer of high-end accessories for film and video production. They offer a full selection of the latest products from renowned, innovative manufacturers such as 16x9 Inc., Bebob, Flowcine, EasyRig, Movcam, Noga and Orca Bags. In this interview James talks with us about the Movcam Three Channel Wireless FIZ Control System.

Movcam’s auto focus tape measuring system and three-channel multi-control system. The autofocus system features a laser sensor rather than a traditional sonar that will track a subject or objects within a preset range. The three-channel system is made up of a touch screen hand unit for manual control, three motors, cables and the driver unit.

The two systems can be paired to work together, or override the other, depending on your set up. Or the autofocus system can also work independently by plugging the focus motor directly in rather than through the control system. There’s also an ET tracking unit, which can be placed on a subject to maintain focus, even when other objects move in front of the beam,which means it can be used for auto focus, perfect for applications such as cranes, gimbals and drones.

Available early next month, the three-channel system is priced around $10,900 US, while the autofocus system is priced around $7,000 US with the motor, or around $5,500 US for just the main components to attach to any Movcam wireless system.

For more information please visit: www.16x9inc.com