Uploaded on 5/16/2016


An interview from the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Colin Guinn of 3D Robotics. 3DR helps people see their world from above. As North America's largest personal drone company, 3DR is a pioneer in making advanced, easy-to-use drone technology accessible to consumers for a wide range of everyday exploration and photography, and for applications using data analysis, mapping, surveying and 3D modeling for agriculture, construction, infrastructure, search and rescue and ecological study. In this interview Colin talks with us about their Solo Smart Drone, new accessories, solutions & firmware updates which enables new Smart Shots.

The 3DR Solo, is an all-in-one personal drone whose ease of use and powerful new features kick off a new aerial age. With computing power unmatched in the industry—from two integrated Linux computers, one on the craft and one in the controller—Solo delivers several world-first technologies, such as unfettered in-flight access to GoPro controls, including wireless HD streaming straight to mobile devices, and effortless computer-assisted Smart Shot flight features that allow even new pilots to capture professional aerial video from day one.

Solo’s intelligence unlocks powerful and one-of-a-kind computer-assisted Smart Shots (patent pending). Just set up the exact shot you want in real time, then tap “play” on the app and Solo will execute it with a level of precision and a soft touch that even seasoned cinema pilots can’t match. And with a list of Smart Shots to choose from, the perfect shot is always just a few taps away. Cable cam and Orbit allow you to create a known and safe flight path along a virtual track in space, freeing you to shift your focus to getting the shot you want; or simply hit “play” and let Solo fly itself while simultaneously working the camera for you, as smooth and even as an expert cameraman. Follow mode lets you go completely hands-free, while Solo keeps up with your every move. Solo also features a one-touch aerial Selfie for a dramatic and customizable establishing Smart Shot of you and your surroundings.

In 2016, 3DR has invested in a software approach to scene awareness. The company evaluated the current state of sense-and-avoid hardware, and, while available and viable to mount on drones like Solo today, it’s still imperfect. As opposed to first-generation on-board hardware that can make pilots overconfident to the point they might overlook their environment, this comprehensive approach does the opposite, raising the user’s awareness of their environment and of what they’re asking the drone to do in that environment. It makes everyone a safer, more informed and more effective pilot.

The Zipline Smart Shot allows users to set an infinite ray in any direction the camera is facing, just by pushing a button. They can then fly up and down that line, controlling speed and direction as well as the camera. Quickly fly in any direction to catch fast-moving subjects; or fly at an angle, even straight up, for dynamic shots. Zipline also has a “spot lock” feature for fixing the camera on a point of interest independent from the zipline. Look at something, press spot lock and Solo keeps the camera fixed on the subject while the copter approaches and passes on the zipline, for a dramatic flyby.

The inventors of the follow drone continue to lead the way in this technology. Follow now offers a “leash” mode, where Solo will always follow from directly behind the subject. This can also be useful for obstacle avoidance; if the subject travels along a path with obstacles on either side (at a reasonable distance), Solo will take the same route. In addition to leash mode, Solo will also account for altitude changes (available on iPhone 6 and above) when following a subject climbing or descending slopes. And those who want to shoot over water will be happy to see the new “boat mode,” which allows Solo to take off from a moving platform.

For more information please visit: www.3DR.com