A wise man once said, “never trust those who would turn down an offer of free grilled cheese–unless they’re lactose intolerant. Those people get a pass.”
That’s a made up quote; but our team stands firmly behind the message all the same–especially when the awesome-possum-owners of UMelt in Providence offered to dole out free sandwiches for anyone lucky enough to stop by over the course of one hour on April 12, 2016 (aka National Grilled Cheese Day). The total number of sandwiches filled with gooey, cheesy goodness given out exceeded 400 – we were not only lucky enough to be included in that statistic, but we got to capture it all on film.


Producer: Evan Goldstein
Cinematographer: Brendan Riel
Sound Mixer: Conor Keenan
Editor: Cal Laird
Sound Designer: Mitch Moormann

Technical Info

RED Epic Dragon with Arri Master Prime Lenses (32mm and 75mm).

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