This is a concept music video I created to showcase my choreography, ideas and directing abilities. I managed to create this on a $300 budget with the help of friends who dance professionally, willing to share their talents cause they believe in the work I am able to produce. The song is called "dear future husband" by Megan Trainor and within the first 4 months of it's release it hit 100,000 views however was taken down once the official music video was released. Since this video I have continued to create, conceptualize and look forward to more opportunities to grow as a director and choreographer.


Director/Choreographer: Katrina Amante
Cinematographer: Gerald Nonato

Eric Paul
Abby Paul
Beverly Bautista
Joesar Alva
Junito Sanchez
Cat Franzella
Mahan Talensphor
Junito Sanchez