An interview from the 2016 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Jack Burwick of Rosco. Rosco, founded in 1910, is still best known for the products it originally manufactured: filters for entertainment lighting. Rosco also has innovated a number of lighting equipment products, including rotators, projectors, intelligent mirrors and LitePad, a remarkable LED-based fixture. In this interview Jack talks with us about their compact Pica Cube, the LitePad Vector & Silk 210 fixtures as well as their RoscoLED Tape.

Pica Cube provides an impressive amount of light output from such a compact, 2.5 inch square footprint. Consuming maximum 24W of power, Pica Cubes can be used in a broad range of Architectural, Retail and Theatrical applications, wherever a high quality spot, accent or color wash light source is needed. Available track mount options add to the versatility of this fixture.

Producing the same soft, even illumination LitePad is known for, the LitePad Vector is the ideal lighting solution for cinematographers, gaffers, videographers, lighting directors and photographers. The new 8”x8” LitePad Vector produces four times the output of its 12”x12” LitePad predecessors. The unit’s light-weight, compact form-factor, coupled with its on-board dimming and color temperature controls and its compatibility with standard Anton/Bauer or V-Mount battery packs, allow the LitePad Vector to easily go everywhere a flattering, soft, LED light is needed.

Each easy-to-use kit comes with multiple reels of RoscoLED Tape that feature state-of-the-art emitters and pre-configured, plug-and-play connectors for easy installation - no soldering required. Leave the calculations to us! The plug-and-play design of the RoscoLED Tape Kits features a balanced RoscoLED Control Box with quick connect ports for power, DMX control and LED tape outputs. Flexible, field-cuttable and fully configurable, RoscoLED Tape Kits offer designers and filmmakers easy-to-use solutions for integrating LEDs into their next project.

Designed to adapt to the dynamic requirements of film and video shoots, the lightweight Silk 210 light fixture provides flexibility and portability. Silk uses high-quality, proprietary tungsten and daylight balanced LEDs to create broad-spectrum white light that is perfectly suited for film and TV applications. Unlike traditional LED lighting products, Silk provides best-in-class color rendering that results in superior skin tones and vibrant scenic elements. The fixture can be ordered with an industry standard V-mount or Anton Bauer battery plates that allow flexible, battery-powered operation. Its powerful, broad-spectrum output make the Silk 210 the ultimate lighting choice cinematographers, gaffers and lighting directors looking for high quality LED lighting solutions.

For more information please visit: www.Rosco.com

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