An interview from the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Seth Emmons of CW Sonderoptic. CW Sonderoptic, sister company to Leica Camera, designs and manufacturers premium cinema products including the Leica Summilux-C and Leica Summicron-C prime lenses. In this interview Seth introduces a new line of boutique Leica Lenses, the, M 0.8 Lenses.

For over 60 years the Leica M full frame lenses have inspired photographers and cinematographers alike with their unique interpretation of light, skin tones and color. Now, thanks to a series of design innovations, the Leica M 0.8 lenses bring the iconic look and character of Leica’s legendary M glass directly to the world of moving pictures by making it easier than ever to work with these lenses in true cinema applications.

The Leica M 0.8 lenses retain all the classic image characteristics of the regular Leica M lenses, but feature a smooth iris rotation and larger 0.8 module / 32 pitch gear rings for focus and iris. Redesigned mechanics allow them to work seamlessly with traditional cine accessories. They will be purpose-built, assembled and calibrated on the regular Leica M line at Leica Camera in Wetzlar.

CW selected 5 lenses for this series, choosing the fastest in each focal length. The lenses will be available individually or as a set and include:

- 21mm f/1.4
- 24mm f/1.4
- 28mm f/1.4
- 35mm f/1.4
- 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux

The M 0.8 lenses will retain the existing Leica M mount, which is necessary to maintain their compact size. RED’s DSMC and DSMC2 designs allow the use of their Leica M Mount on all of their cameras with interchangeable mounts, including Scarlet, Epic, Weapon 6K, Weapon 8K VV and Helium 8K. A modified OLPF will be required for RED cameras and will be available directly from CW. Adapters are also widely available for Sony E and FZ mount cameras, including the Sony a7 series, FS5, FS7, F5 and F55. The lenses of course work well on the Leica SL camera, which shoots high quality 4K and HD video.

The new M 0.8 gear rings are custom-made for each focal length and anodized, fitted and calibrated to match the rest of the lens housing. They are designed to be incorporated during initial assembly, but not to be added to existing lenses.

For more information please visit: www.CW-Sonderoptic.com

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