An interview from the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Craig Schiller of Bexel. Bexel is the global leader of broadcast services, providing an extensive range of equipment rentals, systems integration, and world-class engineering support for around the camera, in the studio and outside broadcast. Offering comprehensive production services for more than 30 years, Bexel has supported major broadcasters in bringing the most important events to a global audience, earning a reputation for reliability and innovation.

If you’re looking for the world’s most capable production services and rental company, look no further. From the World Cup to the Olympics, Bexel Global is the group responsible for engineering and elevating the world’s largest productions. Make sure you ask about their fully scalable flypacks for a complete and easily deployable system anywhere you go.

has announced extensive additions to its fiber inventory with significant purchases from MultiDyne Video & Fiber-Optic Systems and Grass Valley Telecast and fiber optic cable. The expansion will support Bexel Global’s customers who are engaged in significant live broadcast events this summer and fall.

Bexel has purchased a large quantity of additional Fiber-Savers (9×9 channel and 6×0 channel systems) from MultiDyne to augment their already extensive hardware inventory. The MultiDyne Fiber-Saver provides flexibility in the field to combine up to 18 HD-SDI feeds, or other optical signals of any wavelength, plus copper HD-SDI feeds onto one single-mode fiber. This ability to mix a combination of optical and copper-based signals onto one fiber provides maximum efficiency in the field for any type of production.

Bexel doubled their hardware inventory of SMPTE Hybrid Eliminators with the purchase of an additional 50 Grass Valley SHED-HDX SMPTE Fiber adapters which now allows Bexel to have over 100 systems in rentals. The SHED-HDX device enables conversion of a SMPTE fiber signal into a tactical fiber signal for longer runs, using a lower cost tactical fiber cable. This configuration is used with most broadcast cameras when in remote field production.

Bexel Global has taken possession of the first Fujinon UA80x9 4K UHD lenses in the Americas. In addition to its advanced optical performance, the Fujinon UA80x9 lens covers focal lengths ranging from 9mm in wide angle to 720mm in telephoto. The digital servo’s 16-bit encoding assures operators that all lens data output, including the position of the zoom, iris and focus, is extremely accurate. The UA80x9 lens is one of a series of new UHD lenses from Fujinon.

This latest big purchase by Bexel Global consists of two million dollars in lenses from Canon’s renowned DIGISUPER Series including the DIGISUPER 60, DIGISUPER 80 and the DIGISUPER 95, which combines a very wide focal length (8.6mm) with a 95x zoom range for capturing dramatic shots from long distances.

For more information please visit: www.Bexel.com

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