An interview from the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Peter Plesner of BBS Lighting. BBS is a leading LED lighting manufacturer and product development company in the entertainment lighting industry. The Copenhagen based company specifies, develops, produces and markets high-end LED lighting for video, television broadcast studios, motion picture, live performance, harnessing technical and design skills to deliver innovative, high quality and cost-effective products BBS is the pioneering developer of the remote phosphor Area 48 LED light. In this interview Peter talks with us about their Pipeline 3 foot & 4 foot 4 Bank Remote Phosphor LED System.

The 3 foot 4 Bank multi-lamp reflector system is based on the 3' Pipelines that come in a convenient cylindrical form factor in length of 3'. The Pipeline remote phosphor provides ultra-high TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) soft light that is controllable and dimmable with no color shift or flickering. When installed in an multi-lamp reflector bank Pipelines are the perfect soft-light lamp for modeling faces and illuminating backgrounds.

Among Pipeline’s numerous advantages are low power draw, high light output, wide light dispersion, heatless and fan-less operation. The Pipes are available in 3200K, 4300K or 5600K color temperature outputs.

By incorporating Remote Phosphor technology in the new 4-Banks, the fixtures deliver a 95+ TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). With traditional LEDs, color output begins to drift over time due to heat damage to the phosphor layer doped directly on the bulbs. Remote Phosphor Pipes feature a phosphor layer positioned away from the LEDs so they remain brighter, higher fidelity, with a consistently high TLCI over years of use. Plus, they are rated at 50,000 hours, so the hassles of lamp changes are not an issue.

For more information please visit: www.BBSLighting.com

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