An interview from the 2016 NAB Show New York with Christina Stevens of Glidecam Industries. Glidecam Industries offers a wide variety of camera stabilizers (camera stabilization systems) for use with motion picture cameras, video cameras, and video camcorders. These hand-held and body-mounted camera stabilizers create super smooth shots, and allow the operator to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles, and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. In this interview Christina gives us a demo of the new Centurion Motorized Gimbal from Glidecam.

The technologically advanced Glidecam Centurion is the lightest and most compact 3-axis Motorized Gimbal available in its class today. The Glidecam Centurion is designed to work with the majority of video cameras and DSLR and mirrorless cameras weighing from 1 to 5 pounds (.45 to 2.26 kg.) Made with precision Aluminum and space-age Carbon Fiber composites, the versatile Glidecam Centurion offers virtually unlimited handle-grip positions and can be set up in single-grip, or dual-grip, handle bar modes.

Cameras can be easily and quickly positioned for neutral balance. The Centurion's computer controlled, direct-drive, brushless motors stabilize the camera by taking control of all three rotational axes of movement. The 32 bit accuracy of the Glidecam Centurion sensors coupled with the high speed of the controller delivers perfectly smooth and stable images while maintaining horizontal accuracy on all three axis within .02 degrees. Each brushless motor has an electric slip ring so the wires will never tangle.

The joystick on top of the handle will manually control the pitch and yaw axis by toggling forward, backwards, left and right. The joystick will move exponentially faster as you push it further from the center position. If you want the camera to move a different direction or speed than how the joystick moves it, the function can be inverted or customized in the software.

The Glidecam Centurion Software allows you to save and make adjustments to the Glidecam Centurion. Included with the Glidecam Centurion is a USB stick with the software and drivers enabling you to make adjustments if required to the Glidecam Centurion.

For more information please visit: www.Glidecam.com

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