Uploaded on 5/4/2010
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An original senior member of the POP Sound’s commercial mixing staff, Peter is one of the most accomplished mixers working in commercial advertising. He is a 3-time Monitor Award winner and was a finalist in 2004 for Mixer-of-the Year honors from the Association of Music Producers (AMP). He has worked with virtually all of the top advertising agencies in the country and his credit list includes some of the most memorable advertising produced in the past decade. He was also among the first mixers to gain expertise in mixing in 5.1 surround for cinema advertising and HD spots.

A Philadelphia native, Rincon studied classical piano as a youth and attended the University of Miami. He began his career with BRT Studios in Ft. Lauderdale and then joined Florida-based Zimmerman Advertising. After a stint at Soundtrack in New York, where he gained his first experience in national advertising, he moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to join the L.A. Studios. Three years later he came aboard the newly-formed POP Sound.

Early in his career, Peter employed his compositional skills to create original music for spots, but today he focuses exclusively on mixing and sound design. His mastery of those skills is evident by the number of award-winning ads that have passed through his suite, including winners of Clio and Emmy awards. For Rincon, every spot he works on is a winner and receives the full measure of his talent, energy and expertise.