An interview from the 2016 Band Pro 'One World' Open House in Burbank California with Wendy Woodhall of The LAPPG. The Los Angeles Post Production Group is an organization for digital filmmakers with an interest in post production and film finishing. The LAPPG provides a forum to share knowledge, build community, explore technologies and techniques and encourage post production professionals to connect and expand their networks. In this interview we talk with Wendy about LAPPG, it's roots and what to expect in 2017.

The LAPPG discusses all aspects of post production, from picture and sound editing to color correction, visual effects, codecs, storage and post workflows. Expert presenters and leading companies come to their monthly meetings and share new technologies, techniques, tools, products and best practices to aid us in telling great stories.

Composed of many of Hollywood’s working industry professionals, the LAPPG is a supportive community inspiring its members to excel in the finishing process of all forms of digital content and is a free and open membership group.

In this ever-changing technology based industry, the LAPPG enhances its members’ understanding and abilities in post finishing and broadens their overall knowledge and skills. Their core competency is post-production but is not limited to those skills. They share techniques, tools, and best practices for telling great stories and also promote member collaboration by sharing work in a supportive environment and creating opportunities for members to flourish.

The group is run by founders Woody and Wendy Woodhall. Woody Woodhall, CAS moderates the group and is also head of Allied Post Audio and an award-winning re-recording mixer, author, post-production consultant and director. Wendy Woodhall serves as the group’s Executive Director where she utilizes skills she’s garnered as a television producer as well as a marketing, publicity and product placement specialist in the entertainment industry. Founded in 2008, the LAPPG meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm and has never missed a meeting.

To join the Los Angeles Post Production Group and to receive emails regarding upcoming meetings and events, please sign up at www.LAPPG.com or email membership@lappg.com.

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