An interview from the 2016 Band Pro 'One World' Open House in Burbank California with the Guest of Honor, Cinematographer Pierre-William Glenn, AFC. Pierre-William is the former President of the French Society of Cinematographers, and known from his work on such films as Truffaut’s Day for Night, Coup de Torchon, and Small Change, among many others. In this interview Band Pro's own Randy Wedick talks with Pierre-William about his career, the AFC, and the current state of technology for digital cinema.

Pierre-William Glenn is best regarded as a prolific and award-winning cinematographer. As a young man he trained at the Institut des hautes études cinématographiques, which has since been rechristened La Fémis. Glenn earned his first film credit in 1969 for shooting the short film "La question ordinaire". Since then he has shot more than 60 feature films and become known for his groundbreaking Steadicam techniques. With the coming of the 1970s, he found himself swept up in the French New Wave, and collaborated with acclaimed auteur François Truffaut on the crime drama "Une belle fille comme moi", the child-centered drama "Small Change", and the Oscar-winning romance "Day for Night".

Band Pro’s President & CEO Amnon Band remarked: “We're thrilled to welcome Pierre-William Glenn to Open House this year. His work is consistently amazing and synonymous with French cinema."

Each December Band Pro’s Open House combines the best broadcast and cinema technology along with fine food, drink, and attendees comprising a who’s-who of the global cinematography community. Participant’s this year included Sony, Canon, RED, Angenieux, Zeiss, Fujinon, IB/E Optics, Sigma, AJA, 16x9, Inc., ORCA Bags and many more.

Each year Band Pro features a cross section of the industry’s best new technology and this year was no different. Attendees got hands-on with the latest offerings from over thirty of the top broadcast and cinema equipment manufacturers.

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