Uploaded on 1/10/2017
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After the Government Expo show in Dec. 2016 we needed to show the remarkable power the Soliton Zao H.265 system. On this cold windy day we proceeded to stream at 1080i from the monuments in DC to San Jose, Cal. Preparation for the system, one Sony SDI camera, 4 cellular modems, Zao encoder in backpack. The time from turning on system to where it was sending a 10 MBPS stream was about 2 minutes after power up.

Solitons Zao provides a live broadcasting link anywhere there is a connection. It allows broadcasters to transmit high quality one-way video and two-way audio via 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks. H.265/HEVC video compression standard ensures efficient and robust transmission even in localities with extremely limited bandwidth. The encoder can be attached to any camera and is also offered in a backpack solution specially designed for the equipment allowing broadcasters to get to essential events and locations quicker and easier. contact midwestdigitalcorp for more videos and information.


Midwest Digital Corp. Soliton, Brian Falatovich, Aki Abe

Technical Info

Soliton’s proprietary RASCOW™ transmission technology

• Stable video/audio transmission, even over fluctuating mobile networks
• Support of eight mobile channels
• Low-latency capability to enable communication with the site

High-quality image and sound
• Originally developed H.265/HEVC hardware encoder
• Improved image quality of full HD at low bit rate
• 48kHz voice frequency supported