Midwest Digital Corp and Soliton were testing the Soliton Zao H.265 encoder system. A small inexpensive camera was mounted on top of my vehicle connected via HDMI to the Zao encoder in front seat. Our cellular bonded connection 4 of the 6 modems that can be used gave us from 6 to 8 MBPS while driving through the streets non stop. We were located right outside of Chicago and the receiver end (HD View) was located over 3000 miles away in California. Camera was setup at 720P because of limitation on the action camera but a 1080i or 720P signal can be used. Receiver can accommodate 4 encoder inputs allowing 4 outputs of SDI signal at home office or studio. For more information on the system and other You-tubes please contact us at sales@midwestdig.com or call 708-790-4040 ask for Brian Falatovich, Midwest Digital Corp.


Midwest Digital Corp, Soliton, Brian Falatovich

Technical Info

Solitons Zao provides a live broadcasting link anywhere there is a connection. It allows broadcasters to transmit high quality one-way video and two-way audio via 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks. H.265/HEVC video compression standard ensures efficient and robust transmission even in localities with extremely limited bandwidth. The encoder can be attached to any camera and is also offered in a backpack solution specially designed for the equipment allowing broadcasters to get to essential events and locations quicker and easier.