Uploaded on 3/18/2017
Type of Video
Music Video
Demonstrated Skill
Props / Special Effects


Official Music VIdeo


Executive Producer - Little Moving Pictures

Hero Wrestler - JR Kratos
Wrestler/Mom/Heroin Kid - Will Roberts
Wrestler/Grandma/Nerd Guy - Chris Crotte
Wrestler/Rap Kid/Cookie Monster - Johnny Dynamo
Wrestler/Dad/Emo Dude - Rik Luxury
Referee/Lil Krista/Support Group Leader - Sparkey Ballard

Directors - David Terry Fine and Tyler McPherron
Producer - Jeremy Summer
Director of Photography - Devin Whetstone
Editor - Nathan Petty
Assistant Director - Ross Thomas
1st AC - Dean Snodgrass
2nd AC - Miguel Mantecon
Data/Art Assist - Charlie Nordstrom
Gaffer - Alan Steinheimer
Key Grip - Ernie Kunze
Grip - Joseph Scott
Lighting Board Op - Brooke Kimble
Lighting Wrap - Cain Czopek
Lighting Wrap - Alyssa Moran
Swing/Behind The Scenes - Mikul Eriksson
Additional Stills - Diana Rothery
Production Design - Jeanette Moncada
Wardrobe Stylist - Amanda Ramirez
Hair and Makeup - Maria Christina Costa
Makeup Assist - Tiffany Purdy
Production Assistant - Natalie Vall-Freed
Production Assistant - Branden Paris
VFX - Noe Chavez
Colorist - Ayumi Ashley