An interview from the 2017 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Timm Stemann of Chrosziel. Chrosziel GmbH, established in 1973, is a successfully expanding company in the motion-picture and television market that develops and manufactures precision mechanical, optical and electronical products such as MatteBoxes, SunShades, Fluid-Zoom-Drives, Follow-Focus-Controls and Lens Control Systems. In this interview we talk with Timm about the MagNum 4 Channel Wireless Lens Control System & The MagNum Mini 1-Channel Wireless Focus Control.

Chrosziel's MagNum 300 is a 3-channel lens control system that can precisely actuate up to three digital motors. The MagNum 300 is similar to the MagNum 200 system, but includes the MagNum extension module which enables control of a third motor. With the concept of extension modules, Chrosziel offers innovation with MagNum. The MagNum Extension Module Motor and Lens Port (MN-EXT-MOT-LP) offers up to 3-motor channels and a camera lens port interface for universal use in Cine and Broadcast applications. The Extension Module Motor (AL2-EXT-MOT) rates the MN-200R on up to 4 motor channels for 3D or Specialty application users

Chrosziels Hand Unit for the MagNum wireless lens control system can remotely control focus and iris. Focus is controlled with a fluid-dampened hand wheel. Hard stops can be set along the focus rotation for focus marks. Iris is controlled with a linear slider on an aluminum scale. Compact in size, the transmitter has a rounded handle with a finger grip on the rear so you can hold it securely while operating. The transmitter houses an internal 2.4 GHz antenna and a BNC spigot that will accept an external 434 MHz antenna. To avoid issues with radio interference, there is an integrated spectrum analyzer that can determine the best frequency for transmission. Menu navigation is done by way of an easy-to-read OLED display and membrane directional keys. Included with this transmitter is a BNC antenna for 430 MHz operation, and a hand strap.

This remote lens control system was ergonomically and functionally optimized in cooperation with actual users. It is offered in three variations: the basic model with one motor channel (MN-101), a two-motor channel version with an upgrade option for a slider, not included with the hand unit (MN-150), as welas the fully equipped 2-motor channel version (MN-200). Additional modules expand the MN-150 or MN-200 with up to two other motor channels, and enhanced broadcast capabilities.

For more information please visit: www.Chrosziel.com

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