Uploaded on 7/14/2017
Type of Video
Corporate / Industrial
Demonstrated Skill
Cinematographer / DP


Times Square. With over half a million daily visitors, it’s a place teeming with chaos. Amidst this most bustling square, is the Morgan Stanley headquarters. Their real-time digital boards, designed and produced by Bloomberg, re-imagine environmental signage. It covers 13,000 square feet, a full city block wide, and features 7 screens-- all running on live data. Bloomberg’s data and creative expertise, coupled with production and technology from Oscar winning partner, Framestore - result in a cinematic data visualization unlike any other.
Combining art, data and technology, the system utilizes billions of kilobytes of market and news information, creating over 2000 distinct pieces of content a day. Dynamically-generated playlists are tailored specifically to the changing audience and visually adjust with market changes. Just like buzzing Times Square, this intelligent system constantly reinvents itself, never staying the same.
This is real-time data visualized as never seen before.


Scott Wagner: Director of Photography