This demo highlights my work shooting running footage of various vehicles in 2017. We incorporated a MoVI with the Black Arm Complete rigged to a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. It can be mounted in the rear or front and all the operation of the camera are performed wireless within the Jeep using a MoVI Controller.


I worked under the following production companies: Tagged Media, LLC; Midnight Media Group, Inc. and Maddalena Media

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MoVI-Running Footage Demo…
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Cake Boss / Mercedes-Benz
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4-MATIC Press Event
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MoVI Demo Summer 2017
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MoVI / Black Arm Demo
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camBLOCK Demo 2017
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Black Arm with the MoVI M10…
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week…
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Mercedes-Benz Demo Reel -…
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Robert Campbell Demo Reel -…