An interview from the 2017 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Randy Wedick of Band Pro Film & Digital. For over 30 years Band Pro has provided the best new products and solutions for professional cinematographers around the world. Their team actively develops new acquisition technology and have helped create key innovations such as IB/E Raptor primes, Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C lenses, Zeiss DigiPrime lenses, and many more. With offices in Atlanta, Burbank, New York City, Munich, and Tel Aviv, Band Pro offers the highest level of knowledge and expertise along with the finest equipment and accessories available. In this interview Randy talks with us about the IB/E Raptor Macro FF Lens Family, the VVx2 UMS optical extender, Angénieux Type EZ Lens Family as well as the MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo.

The new Raptor FF lens family consists of 3 focal lengths: 100mm, 150mm, and 180mm. The lenses feature full frame (24mm x 36mm) coverage, 1:1 magnification, consistent T-stop T2.9, as well as robust and durable cine mechanics. Based in Germany, IB/E is a globally respected optics manufacturer known for cutting edge expanders, adapters, and lenses, including the new Arri 65 lenses.

The VVx2 UMS optical extender doubles the focal length of the RAPTOR macro lenses. The extender features high-index, low-dispersion glass as well as multi layer coating to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation. By magnifying the image twofold, the transmitted light is spread over a larger area, decreasing the brightness by two stops. The VVx2 UMS is designed to mount to any digital cinema camera with a native PL mount. In addition, the IB/E UMS Mount System offers the ability to change the mount to Sony E, Canon EF and others in the field without re-shimming.

Band Pro (together with partners Angénieux and Jebsen Industrial) debuted the new Angénieux Type EZ-2 Zoom at this year’s NAB show. The Type EZ Series has enjoyed a hugely positive reception. Type EZ-2, the newest addition to the series, is a wide zoom lens providing 15-40mm F1.9 / T2 in S35 format. The same lens is configurable to 22-60mm F2.8 / T3 covering an image circle up to 46mm diagonal for full format cinematography. Likewise, Type EZ-1 features focal range and aperture of 30-90mm F1.9 / T2 in S35 format, and converts to a 45-135mm F2.8 / T3 covering an image circle up to 46mm diagonal.

EZ-1 lens deliveries kicked off at NAB 2017 with the formal presentation of the first Type EZ-1 lens delivery in the US going to Los Angeles DP, Sovonto Green. Type EZ-2 deliveries are scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2017. The Type EZ Series lenses are available in the Americas through Band Pro; in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through Angénieux; and in Asia through Jebsen Industrial.

Built specifically for use with the Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 lenses, the MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo with 3 Motors and Wireless Module from Angenieux is a removable lens drive unit that provides ENG-style control to the EZ-1 and EZ-2 cinema-style lenses. Built-in features you would expect to find on an ENG-style lens control grip, as well as a few extras, create a powerful combination when paired with your lens. The three lens drive gears are positioned to perfectly interface with your lens, and are 0.8 MOD to match the cine-style gearing. A run/stop button on the handle controls the camera, while the traditional zoom rocker is augmented by an adjustable speed control.

Randy also talks with us about the PLx2 optical extender, designed and built by IB/E, that doubles the focal length of 35mm PL-mount lenses. The PLx2 features high-index, low-dispersion glass to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation. The optical design is optimized for digital cameras, which work best with highly telecentric lenses. While most extenders can only physically fit on a limited range of lenses, the design of the PLx2 allows it to accommodate the widest array of PL-mount lenses of any doubler.

For more information please visit: www.BandPro.com

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