An interview from the 2017 NAB New York Show in New York City with Donald Mainardi of IDX System Technology. IDX is the premiere manufacturer of Lithium Ion battery power systems, HD wireless transmission solutions, and V-Mount technology for the broadcast, professional video, professional audio and portable electronics industries. As pioneers in the use of Lithium Ion, IDX was the first to produce Lithium Ion NP batteries to meet the needs of camera users who demanded more power and less battery weight. In this interview Don talks with us about their new Alpha-I Filter System.

With a newly developed formula that protects the material inside and out, ALPHA-I delivers the highest grade of filters for color control. Special manufacturing processes allow each ALPHA-I filter to have multi-layered protecion inside and out, delivering a more scratch-resistant and durable product.

Made for film professionals and enthusiasts, these filters provide zero color shift and color neutrality. Post-production color correction efforts will be heavily reduced.

For productions that require multiple cameras on set, keeping the color quality performance consistent from camera to camera is very important. ALPHA-I will not shift colors from filter to filter and will deliver color neutrality across the board. Production and post production color correction costs will be virtually eliminated.

Changes in color rendition typically show the most when switching from indoor to outdoor lighting. With the ALPHA-I filters, any lighting conditions will be adjusted to provide color neutrality.

The SL-VBD96, SL-VBD64, SL-VBD50 7.2V Li-Ion Batteries from IDX were designed for select Panasonic cameras. With capacities of 9600mAh, 6400mAh, and 5000mAh, the batteries provides extended runtimes on cameras such as the AG-DVX200 and AJ-PX270. It comes standard with an X-Tap and USB power ports to power camera accessories and USB devices. With a 4-LED power status indicator, users can easily identify the charge level. The batteries protection circuitry includes the Signature IDX safety features for over-charge, over-discharge, and over-current at high load. The environment-friendly Li-ion battery can be recharged using the dual charger LC-VWP and can also be recycled for future use.

For more information please visit: www.IDXtek.com

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