Mint Studios was tasked with navigating it to provide an overall look and tone to the newly launching Beauticell brand. Armed with an initial logo and a light creative brief, we first set out to create a style guide to hone the brand, craft a commercial, provide product photography and more.

We began crafting a look to be everything the brand represents: classy and confident with a playful exuberance lying just beneath the surface. Bright, vibrant colors grounded by patterns to add a mature, ‘classic’ touch and to signify the science-backed side of the brand.

We kept to this idea when it came to video, having an air of fun to it all while highlighting identities, hobbies and abilities of women outside of their families. Along with commercials, we provided product photography and motion graphic ads for Facebook advertising.

Mint Studios Deliverables: Commercials, Web Content, Product Photography, Graphic Work


Executive Producer: Beauticell, LLC
Production Company: Mint Studios
Producer: Matt Garner ( www.imdb.com
Director of Photography: James Burniston
1st Asssitant Camera: Austin Travis
Gaffer: Michael Spicer
DIT: Sam Butler

Technical Info

Digital Capture
RED Epic M
Zeiss Prime