Uploaded on 2/8/2018
Type of Video
Demo Reel / Show Reel
Demonstrated Skill


I would like to present to you my latest 3D Character Animation demo reel. Some of my recent projects was part of 11 Second Club competition. One of the scenes had to be re-rendered after making some changes to the animation


Character Animation - Michael Ayers Jr

Following Downloaded Rigs:
Malcom Rig - AnimSchool.com
Mery Rig - meryproject.com
Mr. Buttons - Keith Osborn
Hare Rig - Arman Musovic
Morpheus Rig - Josh Burton

11 Second Club:
Norman Rig - Morgan Loomis
Eleven - Members of 11 Second Club

Creative Crash:
Skateboard 1.0.0 - Valentin Bertrand
Moom version 4.0.3 - Ramtin Ahmadi

Technical Info

Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Composite, Adobe After Effects, iMovie