An interview from the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Niki Mustain of Schneider Optics. Schneider Optics / Schneider Kreuznach has been producing the highest quality optics on the market for over 90 years, offering solutions for large-format photography, photo enlarging, motion picture projection, optical filtration, and industrial applications. In this interview Niki talks with us about the ProductionHUB Award of Excellence winning True-Streak Rainbow filters and New True-Net filters.

Due to the popularity of True-Streak® filters that mimic dramatic anamorphic-style optical streaks, acclaimed lens and filter-maker Schneider Kreuznach introduces a unique new version for creative in-camera effects. When placed in front of the lens, these filters allow the lens, anamorphic or not, to simulate the streak effect, displaying eight brilliant colors.

The True-Streak Rainbow filter incorporates proprietary techniques that merge eight single colors to seamlessly flow from one to the next, creating a beautiful effect reminiscent of the multi-color flares on uncoated lenses. Depending on the lighting, the effect can make this filter go from subtle beauty to a dramatic, bold streak.

Like the individually colored True-Streak filters (in blue, red, yellow, orange, green, violet, pink, gold and clear), Rainbow Streaks are made with a colored interlayer sandwiched and sealed between two sheets of crystal-clear SCHOTT water-white glass to maintain consistency and durability.

Finally, Schneider’s engineering team has found the secret to recreating that time-honored, old silk stocking diffusion look resourceful cinematographers have been creating for decades. For the first time, the respected trick is as easy as slipping on a front of the lens filter. Schneider’s new True-Nets offers a choice of seven different versions that are simple to install and provide consistent results.

After extensive research, Schneider developed a technique to sandwich hosiery made on the same knitting machines since the 1950s, between their hallmark crystal clear water-white optical glass. Like the company’s other professional cine filters, they are laminated, and protected from edge chipping with Schneider’s unique Edge Seal, which also reduces edge reflection and edge flare.

The Series includes seven varieties. True-Net Blacks come in 3 densities, from subtle to heavy, to provide a lush old-Hollywood feel that can look romantic, elegant, or seductive. True-Net Beige, available in 2 densities, can give a warm and dreamy 1960s to ‘70s effect. The two True-Net Gray filters portray a more muted natural feel that retains pleasing contrast.

After testing the filters for his upcoming project, Cinematographer George Mooradian, ASC explained, “Ahhhhhhhh, I held up the first net to my eye and it evoked so much beauty and romance, I felt I was in a European film. It’s a beautiful, vintage feel that wipes out the pristine, clean, sterile look of the modern digital cameras and lenses."

The True-Net Filter Series is currently available in 4x5.65 size. MSRP per filter is $365. Other sizes can be made to order.

For more information please visit: www.SchneiderOptics.com