An interview from the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Timm Stemman of Chrosziel. Chrosziel GmbH, established in 1973, is a successfully expanding company in the motion-picture and television market that develops and manufactures precision mechanical, optical and electronical products such as MatteBoxes, SunShades, Fluid-Zoom-Drives, Follow-Focus-Controls and Lens Control Systems. In this interview we talk with Timm about their newly designed Chrosziel CDM-LWZ3-Z, a Compact Zoom Control Kit for the Zeiss LWZ.3 Lens.

The Chrosziel Compact Zoom Control Kit is a low-profile integrated zoom control servo designed for Zeiss LWZ.3 zoom lens and Sony FS-5 and FS-7 cameras. When secured and wired properly, the servo will control the LWZ.3 lens's zoom using the rocker on the camera's handgrip, ENG-style. This conveniently allows the operator to control focus and zoom simultaneously in run-and-gun situations. All LANC, power, and USB cables for connecting, powering, and updating the servo unit are included. Additionally, the LANC connectors are compatible with other LANC devices for controlling the zoom through alternate equipment.

Control commands are immediately looped through to the camera like menu, user buttons, focus magnification, camera run & stop etc. To give the operator a maximum on creativity, the zoom servo drive offers four zoom modes: 1st EB / Documentary Mode, 2nd Silent Mode, 3rd Live / Hardcut Mode, and 4th Direct Mode.

For more information please visit: www.Chrosziel.com

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