An interview from the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Maria Burton of Storyblocks. Storyblocks makes it easy to find amazing stock media at a fraction of the usual cost. As the first subscription-based stock media company, it disrupted the industry by empowering the mass creative class with studio-quality digital assets. The ever-expanding Storyblocks libraries provide a broad range of creators with HD videos, templates, images, music, sound effects, and more. From hobbyists to major TV networks, anyone can access the latest formats on its platform, including VR and 4K. Storyblocks always puts artists first—rewarding a global community of content contributors with 100 percent commission on sales through its Marketplace, which is unheard of in the industry.

Storyblocks, the first subscription-based stock media company, continues to disrupt the digital media ecosystem, has achieved over 4.4 million asset downloads through its API offering and surpassed 697 percent growth rate over the last year. As a one-stop-shop for digital storytelling, users accessing content through its API integrations are up 1,486 percent when compared to last year.

Building on the evolution of its brand, the Storyblocks enterprise channel has taken its unique subscription-based model a step further by also offering a corporate option, which consists of multi-seat licenses to various Fortune 500 companies, TV and film production studios, publishers, and more. Most recently, Storyblocks welcomed new corporate partners including NBCUniversal, Vox Media and Universal Music Group, as well as expanded on their existing partnerships with Vice and HBO.

“Our enterprise offering is just one way that Storyblocks is extending our disruptive stock media business model. Through direct integration with our API, dozens of leading technology companies’ end-users now have a streamlined creative workflow,” said Storyblocks CEO, TJ Leonard. “In addition, our corporate offering adds another layer to our business model by providing leading companies with access to features such as unlimited downloads, à la carte video and image Marketplaces, and unwatermarked comps.”

“The emergence of video as the dominant communication medium has dramatically expanded the need for video content and advertisements,” said Alex Collmer, Founder and CEO of VidMob. “Timeliness is more of the essence than ever. Our clients need content in the now, and our relationship with Storyblocks helps us create emotionally resonant video at the speed they need.”

The rapidly growing digital media platform currently consists of over 14 million studio-quality creative assets, including Member Libraries and Marketplaces of HD clips, vectors, sound effects, and more. All media licensed through the enterprise channel carries the most comprehensive and user-friendly license in the industry, including a $1 million indemnification clause, giving customers confidence that they will be protected in the unlikely event of a legal claim.

For more information please visit: www.Storyblocks.com

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