An interview from the 2018 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Bob Zelin of QNAP Systems. QNAP Systems, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge Network-attached Storage (NAS) and video surveillance solutions based on the principles of usability, high security, and flexible scalability. QNAP offers quality NAS products for home and business users, providing solutions for storage, backup/snapshot, virtualization, teamwork, multimedia, and more. QNAP envisions NAS as being more than "simple storage", and has created many NAS-based innovations to encourage users to host and develop Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions on their QNAP NAS.

QNAP NAS provides high-speed storage solutions optimized for Video Production with vital features, data protection, enhanced collaboration and unprecedented performance. When it comes to storage solutions, nothing beats QNAP NAS. With vital features and persistant reliability, you can drastically improve your workflow. Optimized for Video-Production, QNAP NAS provides collaborative editing environments with high bandwith connections such as 10GbE, Thunderbolt™ 2, and Thunderbolt™ 3. In addition, your QNAP NAS is ready for 4K and other high resolution content with instantly scalable expansion enclosures, all while your content is kept safe with RAID Protection and Industry Standard AES 256-bit Encryption.

Incredibly fast networking environements are readily available on QNAP 10 GbE NAS. 10 Gigabit networks are ideal for multiple users with speeds that allow for an immediate boost to overall network performance with low latency, so everyone can quickly store and access their files. Increased bandwith and upgraded network capability means greater deployment of services, and more efficeint workflows.

Instantly upgrade your networked environment at a cost-effective price with 10GbE Solutions. QNAP’s 10GbE Switch features ultra-high transfer speeds, designed to tackle multi-workstation environments. Utilizing 10GbE environments, multiple editors can access files and edit directly off QNAP 10GbE NAS without risk of bottlenecks. Easily take advantage of 10GBASE-T and NBASE_T speeds. With QNAP 10GbE Switch empowering your network, enjoy full compatibility with every 10GbE device in your network. With energy efficiency, low latency and low cost, QNAP 10GbE solutions are perfect for supercharging your workflow.

QNAP offers the very best in connectivity with Thunderbolt™ NAS. With a wide selection of Thunderbolt™ 2 NAS and Thunderbolt™ 3 NAS, QNAP brings incredible throughput and speed to your fingertips. Thunderbolt™ NAS is far superior in providing both the best in speed and versatility that non-Thunderbolt NAS cannot offer, video production professionals using QNAP Thunderbolt™ NAS enjoy efficient workflows, unprecedented speed, and incredible versatility.

For more information please visit: www.QNAP.com

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